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King Tires of Muskogee is passionate about wheels.  In fact, we’ve been helping people for over 30 years find the perfect truck wheels for their vehicle. We carry a wide range for all makes and models and can help you get the perfect set of wheels for your truck or SUV.

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steel wheel advantages

Steel wheels are the recommended choice for off-roading trucks.

The top reason for choosing steel is durability.  Steel wheels are heavy duty.  They’re heavier than aluminum, and tougher.  They prevent breakage and chipping that can occur as a result of impact during off-roading.

Steel also has a consistent composition which provides structural integrity and minimizes wobbling. This allows you to have a smooth ride both on and off-road.

Steel wheels also have a long life span due to their resistance against dirt, sand and brake depletion. 

cast wheel advantages

Cast alloy wheels offer significant flexibility as a result of the low-pressure casting process in which they are constructed. This also allows for some amazing design options as a result of the flexibility the alloy materials.

Cast wheels also provide faster cooling for your brakes as a result of being more porous than steel. This porous quality allows more airflow through the wheel itself to get to your brakes.

One of the most common reasons to choose cast wheels is their rust resistance, making them easy to clean and keep an amazing long-lasting shine.


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Front End Alignment

When your suspension is properly aligned, your vehicle will have smooth and controlled ride. We offer quality affordable front end alignment services.

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General Automotive Repair

There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing what's wrong with your vehicle. Our team can help with an accurate diagnosis and repair quote.

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King Tires is your go-to source for custom wheel options in Muskogee. We'll help you find the perfect wheels for your ride.

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Brake Repair Service

Automotive Brakes should be examined at least once a year for the safety of your car. Preserving your car's brakes is among the most vital measures you can take.

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Lift Kits

Whether you're a seasoned veteran who has conquered the most vicious terrain and knows your vehicle better than your own mother, we can help.

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Are your tires roadworthy? Riding around on a spare, feeling like you are tempting fate without a backup in the trunk? King Tires is here to help!

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