How to Safely Sanitize Your Vehicle

Germs and dirty surfaces can make you cringe on the thought of touching or sitting in an area filled with it. Here's how to sanitize your vehicle.
how to safely sanitize your vehicle

Germs and dirty surfaces can make you cringe on the thought of touching or sitting in an area filled with it. Well, fun fact, your car probably isn’t the pristine haven you think it is.

According to studies, the average steering wheel is four times dirtier than a public toilet seat.

Then they are all the other frequently touched areas in your cars such as the cup holder, seat belts, and door handles, and touchpads; they can’t be too much cleaner. Now more than ever, it seems timely to offer some tips on how to sanitize your vehicle safely.  

Sanitizing your car is different than giving it a good spring cleaning. It’s essential to keep germs and viruses off the parts of your vehicle you touch the most. We’ve all been doing a lot of washing and cleaning lately, and cleaning our car probably hasn’t been one of those places.

Many people spend a lot of time in vehicles, so keeping it well sanitize and clean is essential.

Learn how often you should clean your car.

To prevent the spread of viruses and other harmful germs, you’ll want to make sure you know how to sanitize your vehicle the right way. 

Methods to Sanitize Your Vehicle

How To Safely Sanitize Your Vehicle

Remove Dust and Mold

Your car has a sealed environment, and the chances of bacteria growing inside are much more than open spaces. You can remove most of the dust from your car’s interior by vacuuming and cleaning any heavy debris from inside your vehicle.

Clean/Replace the Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the car’s air. Change the air filter at least every six months, especially if you notice that the air is not cold enough, or if unpleasant, stale air is being circulated in the car. A dirty air filter can dispel bacteria in your vehicle from the car’s air conditioning system. 

If you’re unsure how to clean your air filter. Our auto service experts can help you.

Use Car-Safe Disinfectants

Use a good quality car-safe disinfectant on your vehicle’s frequently being touched surfaces. This includes the steering wheel, gear stick, armrest, touchscreen, buttons, door handles, and mirrors. The chances of germs and viruses in your vehicle are reduced dramatically if these surfaces are kept clean. 

Clean the Entire Upholstery

Leather seats or cushions should be done gently with a microfiber cloth. You can clean the seats and other soft surfaces using a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust and then with soapy water or an alcohol-based solution.

Car Wash

Don’t forget about the exterior of your vehicle. Running the car through the car wash will give you a fantastic look and help you effectively decontaminate and sanitize your car’s exterior correctly. 

Routine auto repair, maintenance, and cleaning will keep your vehicle healthy and safe. Always do your best to drive with clean hands. Keep sanitizing wipes and sprays handy in your vehicle to clean frequently touched surfaces regularly.

If you’re low on cleaning supplies, soap and water are a safe and effective alternative to clean your vehicle. With these tips, keeping a clean car is easy!


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